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What is the Leuven University Choir?

The Leuven University Choir (het Leuvens Universitair Koor, L.U.K.) was founded in 1969 by a few students at the Catholic University of Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, K.U. Leuven). It counts about a hundred singers, both men and women. Throughout the years, it has become an important part of the Leuven and Belgian cultural and academic scene, without losing its roots in the student life. Because it is exclusively made up of enthusiastic students, the choir maintains its youthful character. Auditions at the beginning of each year help ensure the quality standards of the choir. Introductory rehearsals

Are you interested in joining the L.U.K.?

Our introductory rehearsals will take place on Thursday September 27th and Thursday 4th of October at 7.45 pm in the Paridaensinstituut (entrance via the wooden gate of the "Hollands College", Damiaanplein 9). We hope to see you there!

More of the L.U.K.?

If you would like to have some more information about joining the choir, or if you are interested in organizing a concert with the L.U.K., you can always contact us on our e-mail address info@leuvensuniversitairkoor.be.